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Imagine how many resumes a recruiter sees per day. And how much it analyzes information from the category of "sociable," "ready to move," and so on. Today we are going to talk about how to write a humane resume that will attract employers. If you don't have the drive for this, you can always buy a resume online. Let's Go!

Getting rid of clichés

We know that sometimes it's easier just to list your strengths and write that you are, well, an amazingly responsible person, instead of describing how you showed yourself in some project or elsewhere. Forget about adjectives to describe your character. It is better to write what you have already done, what you have released, what you have succeeded in.

Your resume, like you, should be distinctive. It should tell a story about you and your accomplishments and not just look like an A4 piece of paper on which you wrote everything you could remember about yourself.

Respect those who will view your resume

What's the most important thing? Make your resume effective. On average, HR looks at a resume for about 6 seconds. Imagine what you are willing to fit into your resume to get attention. Also, don't stretch the information over multiple pages.

Try to highlight those fragments that you think are most important. It can be a font divided into sections.

Add interesting facts about yourself

A resume is not just concise information about your accomplishments; it is also a way to present yourself as a person. Do you like music? Share this? It's exciting and says a lot about you.

The corporate culture is now based on the search for shared values, which is why it is worthwhile to immediately tell about your hobbies and what you fill your free time with.


We are about to add a photo to your resume. It's like reading a picture book. It attracts attention and is easier to perceive. Do not be lazy to find a business photo and design your resume according to the canons of style.

Be honest

Do not write to lie.

Write a cover letter

After all, this is the most reliable way to show your sincere interest. Here you can honestly talk about what attracts the company and be friendly, make a joke and just note that you believe that you will have the chance to get into the company of your dreams.

Write a little, briefly, honestly, and frankly. People are pleased to face the truth in such cases because flattery too often comes to them in their inbox.

The first and most obvious step you should take is writing a resume or editing an existing CV. A resume is 50% successful, so take it very seriously.

Remember a few essential rules:

  • Create a separate resume for each position so that the recruiter can quickly determine how well you fit the job.
  • Focus on your accomplishments. Any employer wants to hire a person who achieves something and shows results. Become that candidate!
  • Write a clear CV. The resume should be concise, literate, and relevant to the position. Recruiters have very little time to review resumes.

Impressing a recruiter is not an easy task. The recruiter has now gone sophisticated to surprise him and thereby stand out from the crowd of other candidates the skill height! And yet some geniuses do it!

Finding a job should be treated like a job. Set aside for this not 5 minutes once a week, but at least an hour every day. Only with enough effort can you get a good result. And sending from time to time 20 responses in a row, you risk looking for a job for months without looking at job descriptions.