Bollywood online casino bonuses guide

Bollywood best casino in india draws are a universal marketing tool to attract new customers. Operators seek not only to retain users, but also to attract new, potentially active gamblers with their help.

Prizes, promotions, loyalty programs, bonus accruals to the gaming account - all this is an integral part of the gambling establishment's marketing campaign. It fuels public interest, builds trust in the client-operator chain and gives an opportunity to hold the attention of those players, who are unlucky in gambling.

Types of draws at Bollywood online casinos

Bonuses at online casinos can be divided into several categories:

  • Welcome bonus (registration bonus) - especially relevant for new casino operators who are trying to keep gamblers on their resource.
  • Bonus for filling out payment details, mainly provide elite clubs, the target audience of which - entrepreneurs, businessmen, that is, people with a stable income above average. Accrual occurs after the administration checks and confirms the bank details provided.
  • First deposit bonus - a frequently used draw at the casino. If the gambler recharged the game account once, it means that the institution has certainly attracted him. Thus, the operator stimulates his interest in the casino, encouraging a small, but nice bonus on account.
  • Daily accrual of bonuses - is rarely used, mostly by operators of gambling clubs, which have an extremely low position in the gambling market.
  • Bonus for activity on the Bollywood casino site is accrued to players who spend a long time on the resource. Their contribution to the profits of the gambling establishment is an order of magnitude higher, as opposed to those gamblers who play for a couple of hours a day. The administration, seeking to retain such customers, encourages their activity accordingly.
  • Bonus for returning to the online casino. Some gambling establishments offer such a bonus program, in case they see a long absence of the client, in particular, if the player belongs to the category "active". The administration makes a mailing, offering a chic prize on the return of the client to the usual mode at the casino.
  • Bonuses for a long series of failures are accrued as a support to the gambler - a partial refund of the invested funds in order to give the player a chance to win back. Customers are very positive to such an offer, as this bonus shows interest in the gambler. More often than not, it promotes an even more active game at the online casino site.

Prizes and special offers

From time to time in Bollywood casino new games appear. That is why the administration announces additional bonus programs for customers to attract the audience's attention to new products in the casino's portfolio.

The most common promotion campaigns are:

  • additional non-deposit spins in slot machines;
  • No-deposit bets on sports events;
  • percentage of loss refunds (cacheback);
  • Possibility to receive prize points for an active game.

These promotional offers apply to new products of the institution, as the administration informs in the program description.